Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tungareshwar Philia
With the memorable birding (Rufous Bellied Eagle) last Sunday we* all again decided to visit for one more time to Tungareshwar from North side.
We started early morning, just at the start of the trail saw a pair of Rose Finches & few steps ahead heard & saw Malabar Parakeets flying by. Next on the seen was Shikra sitting on relatively low branch & fortunately for quite a long time. Just at that time saw 3 raptors flying high and chased by crows. One was Oriental Honey Buzzard but others two couldn’t be identified.
The party continued with sightings of Small & Scarlet Minivets, Iora, Eurasian Golden & Black Hooded Orioles, Monarchs, Verditer & Paradise Flycatchers, Yellow Crowned Woodpecker etc… The excitement was even more when we saw Leopard pugmarks on the way. Another significant sighting was of Black Headed Cuckoo Shrike.
At around 10.30am, as temp. was on the rise & the raptors started to occupy the sky space. First to be seen was a pair of Changeable Hawk Eagle. Myself & Venkat had a good shoot of the couple & Amod also had some nice pics. We all spent quite a few time in identifying the raptor, since we were confused between Mountain hawk & Changeable Hawk Eagle. Shikras were continuously seen flying here & there, at one place a shikra was seen chased by Jungle Babblers. Next was Booted Eagle & Black Eagle flying in its typical style.
We returned back by 2.00pm & at the foothill saw Booted Eagle in dark phase, maybe, just came there to say Good bye & invite again...
Happy Birding
Mandar Khadilkar
* Adesh Shivkar, Abhijit Narvekar, Animish Mandrekar, Pallavi Joshi, Mandar Khadilkar, Venkat, Amod Karkhanis & Anil Kunte
Birds Seen & Heard
01. Yellow Crowned Woodpecker
02. Brown Headed Barbet – heard
03. Coppersmith Barbet
04. Green Bee-eater
05. Plum Headed Parakeet
06. Malabar Parakeet
07. Rose Ringed Parakeet
08. Black Kite
09. Black Eagle
10. Shikra
11. Oriental Honey Buzzard
12. Booted Eagle
13. Changeable Hawk Eagle
14. Golden Fronted Leafbird
15. Long-Tailed Shrike
16. Rufous Treepie
17. House Crow
18. Large Billed Crow
19. Eurasian Golden Oriole
20. Black-Hooded Oriole
21. Black Headed Cuckoo Shrike
22. Small Minivet
23. Scarlet Minivet
24. White Browed Fantail
25. Black Drongo
26. Ashy Drongo
27. White Bellied Drongo
28. Racket Tailed Drongo
29. Black Naped Monarch
30. Asian Paradise Flycatcher
31. Common Iora
32. Common Woodshrike
33. Red Throated Flycatcher
34. Verditer Flycatcher
35. Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher
36. Pale Martin
37. Dusky Craig Martin
38. Red Rumped Swallow
39. Crested Tree Swift
40. Red Vented Bulbul
41. Red Whiskered Bulbul
42. Grey Breasted Prinia
43. Western Crowned Warbler
44. Jungle Babbler
45. Pale Billed Flowerpecker
46. Purple Rumped Sunbird
47. Purple Sunbird (eclipse)
48. Tree Pipit – heard
49. Common Rose Finch


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